The Team

Projects are born out of meetings.


After training in communication, Jeroen held various commercial positions at all levels of responsibility, in SMEs as well as in large groups, in the graphic industry, packaging and POS sectors. His 20 years of professional experience have given him the desire to give meaning to his work by returning to a human dimension and, above all, by making his entrepreneurial spirit shine. One meeting… and then two, and here is the Tinygloo project taking shape! He is an unflappable optimist, creative and a tad phlegmatic. He is a nature lover and loves the mountains, both in summer and winter. One day, it is sure, he will have his mountain chalet!


His rich and varied career has taken him from sales representative to partner in a specialised firm. His expertise is in providing support to management bodies in the area of cooperation at work. He has also worked as an analyst and auditor for a leading international credit insurance company and as the director of a Foundation… His daily life is rich in discernment accompaniment of professional vocations and in the weaning of addictions (tobacco, alcohol, games, network games, drugs, internet…). Johan spends his free time with his (large) family, his fruit trees, his truffle oaks… and especially his bees! A true nature lover!


Tom is a BTS NDRC student (commercial training) and has had a classic school career… but one that is partly atypical! He travelled around the world when he was a member of the Petits Chanteurs de Saint Marc (film Les Choristes). Tom is a determined young man, enterprising in what he does and what he likes, and by nature open to others. He has no musical preferences, he likes everything, he is even nicknamed the king of the blind test. Tom is above all a big sports fan, all sports. Not only does he watch them, but he also plays them: basketball, tennis, cycling, skiing… and football, as he has been an unconditional OL supporter for 10 years. If you are in Lyon, you will surely find him on the quays of the Saône during a sunny weekend with his friends.


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