Montriond, resort of the Northern Alps
The Northern Alps, from a charming village to a large international resort   In summer, from swimming and hiking in small or large lakes to the largest ski areas to be discovered in winter, every tourist will find “the right shoe for him”. Discover in this article all the diversitý of landscapes from glaciers to medium mountains.
The Pyrenees, tradition and modernity at the gateway to Spain The Pyrenees massif is a land of contrasts. Discover in this article the diversitý of small and large resorts, where thermal waters play a primary role in the return to well-being.
Snow and mountain biking in the Pyrenees
Snowboarding in the Southern Alps
The Southern Alps, when Mediterranean culture meets the Alps The accent of the south is associated with the Mediterranean coastline, so when you climb the mountains of the Southern Alps, you are surprised to discover the South of France under another face. Those who have tasted it come back! Discover in this article an original way of life.
The Massif Central, a volcanic region with a gentle lifestyle   Calmness and voluptuousness translate the feeling of plenitude that one feels while crossing the valleys, valleys and mountains of this magnificent region. From paragliding in summer to dog sledding in winter, happiness is in the valley! Discover in this article a unique way of life.
Surfing in the heights of the Massif Central
Cross-country skiing in the Jura mountains
The Jura, an area of vibrant natural colors Alpine and cross-country skiing in winter, hiking in summer, peace and quiet reign in this magnificent massif. Discover in this article striking landscapes of natural beauty.
The Vosges, region of lakes and forests of enchanting fir trees   The perfect place to share moments in the fresh air with your family! Numerous marked paths through magnificent pine forests will help you discover the charm of a beautifully wooded region. Discover in this article these magnificent “images of Epinal”.
Hiking and cross-country skiing in the Vosges
Jet-skiing in Corsica and on snow
Corsica, island of beauty… and high mountains 2,706 meters: the highest point of Monte Cinto, at the top of a mountain that welcomes skiers and snowboarders, as well as others located on the eastern or western flanks of the island. Discover in this article the meeting of the sea and the mountain.  
What about you, do you have any regular destinations? Do you go to resorts mainly in winter? Mostly in summer? Both? In the same resort? What are your criteria for choosing a resort? Distance from your home? The quality of the reception? Do you have a second home there? If you have children, how do you look after them in winter? In summer?