The summer of 2020 saw a sharp rise in visitor numbers, especially in August, and was marked by the appearance of a new clientele.

A record number of visitors

The testimonies are numerous within the resorts to testify that the previous summer season was exceptional, thus one could hear “August exceeded the understanding”. Some resorts have rarely had such a great summer in 2021, with figures never reached before.

The profile of the tourists has certainly changed, as they are mainly short stays and last minute bookings.

The low (630-1250 m) and medium (1300-1650 m) altitude resorts have benefited the most from these conditions, with occupancy rates almost 4% higher than the previous year.

The mountain climate was of course also sought after due to the heat wave periods. But it is above all the capacity to welcome and diversify the offer in complete safety while preserving the pleasure of being in the mountains that has been acclaimed.

A new clientele is emerging before the summer of 2021 in the mountains

The clientele was essentially French, made up of a new population of young families with young children. Owners of second homes who usually enjoy the resort in winter also came in the summer, as well as a more numerous local clientele, and other tourists who do not usually visit the mountains.

Conversely, long-distance foreign tourists – Chinese, Americans, Koreans, Japanese, Russians, Brazilians, etc. – were largely absent from the summer of 2020. Only the British, Germans, Swiss and Dutch, in smaller numbers, visited the mountains.

Nature activities are popular

The French clientele was very keen on outdoor activities, in the open air and under the sun… when elsewhere in France there were a series of very hot spells.


As far as the summer of 2021 is concerned, the results of the second wave of the barometer of departure intentions of the French this summer, as well as of the three main European clienteles of the destination (the Netherlands, Great Britain and Belgium) are rather positive for the mountains in general. A good opportunity to confirm the trend measured in summer 2020.

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Patricia Rey